A Very Important End of Year Message

There are huge energetic changes on the planet. You will be particularly feeling this if you are more sensitive energetically.

This could mean all sorts of symptoms; fatigue, aches and pains, difficulty sleeping or waking up, new food intolerances or reactions to foods, attention deficit or lack of focus, memory issues (especially short-term), lack of drive or enthusiasm, physical sensations (e.g. humming or vibrating inside your body), difficulty breathing, digestive issues or discomfort, skin issues (dryness, eruptions), muscle spasms or random twitching, vibrations in your extremities, headaches, fatigue, electrical zaps, tooth pain, ringing in the ears, sensitivity to light and sounds, all-over body ache, or swinging from one symptom to its opposite for no apparent reason.

Emotionally it is a struggle for many too (I have some affordable resources that are the best help you can get with this) - increased fear and anxiety, agitation, feeling easily irritated or provoked, depression.

So what is this all to do with?

The Ascension.

You may be aware that the Earth and humanity as a whole are currently going through a process of ascension, which in this context simply means evolution of consciousness. This process has been going on for some years now but many people started to be much more aware of it since the start of 2020. As you learn to take control of your awareness, you will able to “wake up” to the authentic nature of your spirit, and to empower yourself to consciously align with higher consciousness in every moment.

All these symptoms can have other root causes obviously. I am not suggesting you assume they are to do with the ascension process. But if they are a reasonably recent thing, or they turn up out of nowhere, or they come and go, this may be more to do with the ascension than anything else, so just keep that in mind.

If you don’t know much about the ascension, I suggest you learn more about it because it is not something you can opt out off unless you leave this plane of existence.

The ascension is the reason why the evil is going bye byes. It is all to do with frequencies. Dense states of consciousness (fear, despair, anger, greed, manipulation, control) cannot survive when the frequencies on the planet are consistently high, which is where we are going. Neither can people who spend most of their lives in those states of consciousness and are not prepared to operate from the heart space – from the place of love and compassion.

Some of the best tips for navigating these times include:

  • Keep your body clean – how do I do it? With organic food, intermittent fasting, infrared sauna, binders, such as activated charcoal, silica gels, fulvic acid (you can email me for a helpful handout on this).
  • Listen to your body – whatever it is asking you to do, give your body what is asking for, which means you may have to alter what you have been doing so far, e.g. sleep more, take it easy, move more, alter the way you exercise, etc. I suggest that whatever it is that your body needs right now, you listen and oblige. Do not fight this because you will only feel worse if you do.
  • More minerals, particularly magnesium and potassium – as more light is coming into our cells and our DNA is changing, we need to be better hydrated and mineralized. Fulvic acid that I have already mentioned helps remineralize the body as does good quality sea salt, which I personally take daily. If you exercise and use a sauna you need to emphasize this even more because you need to replenish minerals you lose with sweat.

Humanity has been pillaged enough and now this is coming to an end but the dark ones will still want to cause as much damage as they can going out the door. That is what they are doing right now. But your focus should be how you want the world to be. You are a co-creator of this reality. So what are you creating right now? Are you creating from fear by constantly engaging with the mainstream fear porn and propaganda, or are you creating from the place of love? If you want us to move into better reality for all humanity, manifest it every day by focusing on how you want things to be for everyone not just yourself. What does freedom, sovereignty, unity, abundance look like to you? What will you be doing, feeling, seeing, hearing, saying to yourself when this war is over? Do not long after the old corrupt, enslaved world we had before 2019. It was not good. Even though you may have not seen it then. Do you want to go back to a place where everybody (apart from the scumbags in power) is stressed out all the time, on a hamster wheel, struggling to make ends meet? Or do you think we can do better as humanity? I believe we can do MUCH better. All the old systems are collapsing and will completely crash in the coming months and years so we are not going back to the world before 2020.

The corrupt political, financial, medical, and education systems are collapsing. Everything that is corrupt and bad for humans is collapsing and going bye byes. So start thinking about the reality in which this has already happened. What are you doing in this new reality? Are you sticking with that old job, relationship or whatever that was never working that great? Or are you reinventing your life to serve you better? If you’re not already doing it, start visualizing this right now. If you know Havening Techniques, spend a few minutes every day havening and imaging what you are going to be seeing, feeling, hearing, doing, saying to yourself when we have got rid of all the evil? If you don’t know Havening, just do this simple visualization. Make sure you are connecting with this emotionally.

We still have big booms ahead so if you get frightened or anxious about what is going on, keep grounding yourself by doing deep slow breathing, being in nature, or simply putting a hand on your heart and connecting with your heart space giving yourself encouragement, saying to yourself: I love you, you are OK, you will be fine, you’ve got this.

If you feel isolated at the moment, if you feel that people around you are still sleeping or you are getting cancelled because you are asking questions and do not want to follow the official tyrannical narrative, I highly recommend you find your local community of like-minded people. My program community is a safe space if you are struggling to find one. Freedom fighters are everywhere and all you need to do is connect with them. You can look for Connecting Consciousness group meet-ups in your area (go to Connecting Consciousness website for that). Also, you can go to meetup.com and look for stand-up groups.

The quicker we unite against the crazy psychopaths in power, the sooner this war will be over. I have a lot of compassion for people who after almost 2 years are still not seeing the wood for the trees because they are going to have a really rough ride in 2022 as this whole scam collapses, which it will. They will see the truth eventually. I don’t have to defend the truth, the truth has this uncanny characteristic, whereby it always surfaces and it will simply defend itself.

If you have people attacking you right now because you want to exercise your freedoms, and they are still not seeing it, have compassion for them. We all need to be on standby to help them when their world implodes. Remember love, compassion, unity and manifesting great future for everyone is what is going to get us there faster. So let’s do this! We’ve got this!


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