Emotional Toxicity Questionnaire continued

10. Do you frequently feel angry or frustrated?
11. Do you tend to over-analyze or over-think situations?
12. Do you often feel overwhelmed?
13. Do you often feel negative about your life, your relationships, your job, or anything else?
14. Do you struggle to think clearly due to too much going on inside your head?
15. Do you often feel conflicted, i.e. you want to behave in a certain way but something is making you behave differently?


16. Do you tend to dwell on the past / revisit past events wishing you had acted differently?
17. Do you tend to be critical of others (or yourself)?
18. Do you often feel down or depressed?
19. Do you often feel apathetic?
20. Do you ever feel victimized, i.e. as though everything is lining up against you?
21. Do you often feel unsure of yourself / or question your decisions?
22. Do you tend to feel unsafe in home / at work? Or alienated / isolated / lonely?
23. Are you in a toxic relationship? (if you do not feel safe or feel like you are “walking on eggshells”, or if you are being put down, undermined, lied to, or abused, then the answer is YES)
24. Would you describe yourself as a “doormat”? Do you let other people take advantage of you?
25. Do you tend to “mentally rehearse” the future (what you are going to do / say)?
26. Do you experience sadness (or any other negative emotion) on a regular basis?


27. Do you feel you always HAVE TO be achieving / pursuing something? Is your work-life balance off? (please note, there is nothing wrong with wanting to achieve or be successful; the question is do you do it because you want to or because you feel you should / have to, or because others expect you to?)
28. Do you have difficulty relaxing and / or struggle to meditate due to a busy mind? Is there anything that stops your mind from being silent? 
29. Do you feel like your life is lacking meaning / purpose? Do you ever ask yourself "what is the point?"


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