Emotional Sovereignty Program

This program incorporates powerful strategies that help you rewire your neurology, heal your limbic system and build resilience.


Addressing Psychoenergetic Root Causes of Chronic Illness Program

This 12-module online program covers all the key aspects of psychoenergetic healing that determine whether a person is able to successfully heal physically and emotionally or not. 


Healing with Bioresonace Therapy

Want answers about your state of health? With this approach you can uncover and address true root causes of your health complaints.

(email me for details)


Individual Mind Transformation Sessions

Suitable for those who may not wish to do the full Addressing Psychoenergetic Root Causes of Chronic Illness Program but who still want to work through a particular mind-related issue (e.g. fears, phobias, anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, confidence, acceptance, etc.).


If you are unsure which approach is right for you, contact me.


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