Individual Sessions

Free 15-minute no-obligation consultation

If you are unsure if your problem can be helped, or if you have any questions regarding the modalities or the approach I use, Please contact me to arrange a free 15-minute consultation. *All consultations are held in the strictest confidence.

Initial session (90 minutes)

If you have not had a session with me previously, part of the first session will involve gathering relevant information . This is very important as it builds a picture of what you are currently experiencing and uncovers the potential root cause of the presenting problem. Obtaining adequate amount of details enables me to devise an appropriate personalized strategy to effectively address the problem and outline the steps needed to achieve your therapeutic goals. Specific objectives and a mutually-agreed course of action are formulated in this session. I aim to start working on the presenting problem straight away (time permitting).

Subsequent sessions (90 minutes)

The number, content, structure and length of the subsequent sessions is very individual and depends on the complexity and severity of the presenting issue. Some problems can be resolved within 3-4 sessions (sometimes fewer) while some others may require 8 or more sessions. The action plan, which clarifies how many appointments you are likely to need to achieve your health goals is agreed during the first session.

Supporting materials

You will receive relevant materials that will support your progress in-between sessions (guided meditation and hypnosis recordings, worksheets, recipes, etc.). For example, the recordings can effectively reinforce what is achieved during the sessions and reduce the number of appointments needed due to producing the results faster.

Online appointments

I have successfully worked with clients online (via Skype, Zoom, etc.) for many years. Online appointments enable clients to address their problems in the comfort and privacy of their own home, cutting out the traveling time and costs. 

These appointments are equally effective and give you a similar depth of experience as face-to-face appointments. The only requirement is a laptop / computer with a camera and a reliable internet connection. You also must ensure that you will not be disturbed.


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