Time for Action! Only Taking Action Changes Things

Thousands and thousands of people watched the first part of the Autoimmune Vitality Online Conference and the feedback has been wonderful. 45k views in total! People have been sharing the stories, they have been excited to learn new information, and fascinated to hear what they may have already known presented from a different angle. The most amazing thing to me however is when people tell me: “I did not think there was anything that could help me get better and now I know that there is” or “I felt completely stuck and hopeless and now I feel that I have a new direction to go in”.  

Restoring people’s hope is the biggest achievement for me personally when it comes to producing events like this one. I really do not want people suffering needlessly. Autoimmunity is not only preventable but many people reverse the autoimmune mechanisms in their body purely with dietary and lifestyle modifications.

As I have said before, I think it is an absolute tragedy that people with autoimmunity who follow the conventional medicine path get a life sentence together with their diagnosis. So this is why I will continue bringing this information to people so they can take their healing into their own hands with more confidence and have a quality of life that they deserve. Autoimmunity is at epidemic proportions and this problem is only going to be getting worse, ruining many lives in the process. It would be crazy to allow that to happen since there is so much we can do about it!

So now that you have heard the information on how to get your foundations right, how are you planning to implement some of what you have learnt? Remember, this information on its own is useless unless you act on it in some way.

In Part 2 of the event, we are focusing on tissue repair and restoring immune tolerance. In order to be able to bring your immune system into balance and promote the repair processes in your body, you need to get your foundations right first. This is exactly why I split the event in two parts and separated them. This is so that you can start building those healthy foundational habits. You can then start making some more advanced changes and elevate you health to another level.

So here are some pointers on how to best turn the information you have learnt into action:

Work out what is important to you

First of all, you need to work out what is important to you (your core values). EVERYTHING you do in life is done in order to fulfill a value, even if you are not consciously aware of this! Your values determine your motivation and influence after-the-fact evaluation, and as such are incredibly important to any change process.

If you are one of these people who “know” a lot of things but struggle to put them into practice, or maybe you are even sabotaging your health in some way, you should know that this is to do with your values and beliefs.

So when it comes to your core values, you need to identify them, prioritize them, and resolve any value conflicts that might be present. You also need to make sure that your values are YOUR OWN and that you don’t just act on somebody else’s values as that will often cause a clash within your value system, resulting in emotional struggles, fears, anxieties, guilt, shame, etc.

Decide exactly what you want to achieve

You then need to decide what you want to achieve. Goal setting is massively important to achieving anything so I highly recommend going through my P.O.S.I.T.I.V.E. goal setting exercise so you can be clear on your health outcomes and establish how motivated you are to achieve them.

You need to ask yourself, if that is what I want to achieve, why haven’t I done it yet? What is preventing me from achieving my goal? There are obviously many things that prevent people from achieving their desired outcomes but it is pretty much always to do with: core values, beliefs, readiness for change, motivation, and/or the fact that the goal is not properly set in the first place.

Weekly habit building

So once you know what your goal is and you are clear on what is important to you, I then encourage you to pick one positive habit a week that you can implement that will take you closer and closer towards your health outcome. Map it out for yourself and do not be overly ambitious. Just focus on building one habit per week to make it achievable and sustainable.

If you start now you will have 4 new healthy habits before Part 2 of the Autoimmune Vitality series starts! Go for the areas you need to improve the most first (e.g. diet, exercise, sleep, emotional health, toxicity). By making the most needed changes first, you will feel the most positive impact and you will be motivated to do more.

Take action daily

You will be most successful with this process if you take small action EVERY SINGLE DAY. E.g. you decide to introduce more physical activity into your life. Then aim to do something active daily. Make it your priority. You can choose to do a 15-minute yoga practice every morning but equally you can do something different every day: e.g. 30-minute walk one day, 1-minute exercise bursts on every hour throughout the day the next day, etc. Whatever it is, you need to plan it and write it down. You also must make it appealing so that it feels like it is something you can actually do and not completely dreading it.

Work out who you are going to be accountable to

It will help you to have some accountability. You can of course be accountable to yourself if you are a very driven person but there are other ways to ensure accountability, e.g. talk to a friend/family member about your goal and then report on your progress in future conversations.

Be aware what might get in your way

You need to be aware that what often interferes with people achieving their outcomes is the beliefs they hold. E.g. if your goal is to be free of symptoms by the end of the year but you are currently believing that you don’t have enough drive to make it happen (or worse: you don’t deserve to be healthy), then you will not achieve it until you have dealt with those limiting beliefs.

Have you ever been in a situation when you wanted to achieve something and you just kept coming up with excuses and it didn’t happen in the end? If you analyzed it enough, there would have been a limiting belief at the root cause of that.

Keep your energy moving

Remember, when you feel stuck: do something, ANYTHING, to get your energy moving! When you experience self-sabotaging thoughts: stay in the moment (don’t let your mind create negative scenarios), change state (even a few jumping jacks or listening to a motivating piece of music can help you snap out of it), once you have changed your state, take a small positive action.

Do not waste your time dwelling

Whatever you do, do not beat yourself up if you don’t fulfill your plan 100%! That is self-defeating, de-motivating and POINTLESS! If you can correct it, do that. Otherwise move on, acknowledge what got in your way and move on. It is far less damaging to your health not to do your exercise or eat something you shouldn’t than to spend ages dwelling on it and stressing yourself out.

Reward yourself

Finally, when you have achieved a positive change and are getting closer to your desired outcome, reward yourself for your commitment, hard work and success, no matter how small your win might be. This will help you keep your motivation high and continue to achieve more.


Hopefully, this has been helpful to you and you are committed to taking action. I wish you all the best with putting what you know into practice and hope your health will flourish as a result!


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