What Does the Placebo and Nocebo Effect Have to Do With Autoimmunity?

If you have read my article entitled: “Why should I optimise my mindset if I have an autoimmune disease?”, you already know that disruptive emotions, if they persist for long enough, can disturb the delicate chemical balance in our bodies producing physiological changes and symptoms. You also know that we CAN counteract the effects of the negative emotional states if we develop a nurturing, positive mindset.

Belief becomes biology

Just to follow up on that, at the end of 19th century an American psychologist William James said: “No mental modification ever occurs, which is not accompanied or followed by a bodily change”. Later on Norman Cousins summarised this statement with three words: “belief becomes biology”. What they both meant was that the body’s physical reality can be altered by the more powerful reality of the mind, i.e. what is expected tends to be realised.

So if you have an autoimmune disorder, you should be asking yourself:...

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