My Essential Oil Blends to Support Effective Detox and Liver Health

Before I share with you my essential oil detox blends, I just wanted to emphasize that as powerful as essential oils are, they cannot work miracles. They are not a substitute for a good diet, adequate sleep, clean lifestyle, physical activity, etc. In my approach to autoimmunity (and health overall), I combine nutrition, mind-transforming modalities, herbal medicine, bioenergetics (incl. energetic medicines), and essential oils. It is this truly holistic approach that produces the amazing results I get with my clients. I am sure you can appreciate that when you integrate essential oils with other modalities that promote healing, you will have a much greater impact, compared to looking at essential oils as that one-stop solution to all your health problems.

Some safety tips - THIS IS IMPORTANT!

1. These days, many people claim to be experts on essential oils but the truth is that many blogs that offer advice on essential oils are not written by qualified practitioners. Be careful as...

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4 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Trying to Detox

It is hard to believe but there are still skeptics out there who consider detox protocols completely unnecessary. The reason they give is that apparently “our bodies can get rid of toxins naturally without any input from us”. It is true our bodies are equipped with some incredibly sophisticated detoxification mechanisms. The problem is that over the last century or so we have been introducing toxic chemicals into our lives at such a ridiculous rate that our bodies are now struggling to cope with the toxic overload.

The beautiful thing about the human body is that it is able to adapt to changes but adaptation takes time and, as I said, that change is happening too rapidly. As a result, we are getting clogged up with toxins as our bodies are working very hard trying to mitigate that. Toxic body means inflammation and that is bad news because inflammation is linked to every single chronic condition, including autoimmunity.

Toxins are omnipresent. They are in the air we...

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