You Have More Control over Your Health Than You Realize - part 2

Uncategorized Jan 08, 2023

All Healing Is Really Quantum Healing

Quantum physics is the main reason why somebody can have multiple traumas and be very emotionally toxic, or can have an autoimmune disease or cancer, and yet with the right motivation and application, this individual is able to not just restore their health but to thrive. Quantum physics teaches us that every material structure in the universe has a unique energetic signature. The surface you are resting on right now appears to be solid. However, in reality, if you were to examine these seemingly solid objects under an atomic microscope, you would realize there is nothing solid there and that you are looking at empty space. This is because 99.999999999999 percent of an atom is made up of nothing. By “nothing” we mean no solid particles, but this “empty space” is actually made of a matrix of a wide range of frequencies that creates a field of information.

We perceive objects in our physical reality as solid because their particles are vibrating slowly enough to appear solid. This includes our bodies. The slower vibration (lower frequency and longer wavelength) means the particles appear in the physical reality for longer periods of time, but ultimately, it is all just energy and information. Yes, that is very nice, you might say, but what on Earth does that have to do with health and healing? And the answer is: EVERYTHING. Your thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and emotions, which are energy, influence matter, i.e., your body and the rest of your physical reality. This means you will get the best healing results when you stop putting your faith in things and people outside of yourself and put it in the ability of your mind to influence your physical reality instead. This is true sovereignty.

So even though we are interested in root cause of illness and root causes of emotional toxicity, ultimately the mind-body-energy connection means that your mind can influence your body (matter) REGARDLESS of the origins of your health problem. The lower your vibration, the more you become solid matter. This makes you more vulnerable to the second law of thermodynamics (the law of entropy), that says that left to itself, everything moves towards disorder and decay. Disease is a low-vibrational state.

On the flip side, the more you increase your vibrational frequency through positive emotional states, positive thoughts, empowering beliefs, etc., the more the cells of your body are more energy and less matter. This means your energy field is more coherent and orderly, which make you less susceptible to entropy and decay. In other words, disease states cannot be maintained. You can think of it as becoming immune to entropy. When I talk about energetic immunity, that is exactly what I mean.

Within the quantum field subatomic particles exist in infinite range of probabilities simultaneously. This right here is why in the anything is possible in the quantum field, why you create your own reality in every moment, and why if you choose to learn how to do it, you can affect your day-to-day reality to make sure it works for you!

Infinite number of probabilities existing in the quantum field mean we can manifest what we want into our physical reality. You choose. Something to be aware of though: if you create from the same level of mind (thoughts, beliefs, etc.) that created what you do not want (e.g., illness), you will continue to create the same undesirable reality. So, this may sound like a cliché, but in order to create a better reality for yourself, you have to increase the vibrational frequency of your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, attitudes, and perceptions. I am going to be sharing with you how to do this at every step of my method.

The quantum perspective points us towards the fact that the universe consists of independent energy fields that are entangled and interact with each other, meaning that interactions in the physical body are not just linear. Health becomes a lot more complex when you think about everything interacting together in a non-linear way. It is a very intricate matrix of communication. Critically, our psychological processes are absolutely involved in our health, as our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and emotions interact with the body in each and every moment.

The bottom line is that our cells actually communicate via the quantum field, so all healing is really quantum healing and goes far beyond chemical compound interactions in the body (such as hormones and neurotransmitters). Research by biophysicist Colin William Fraser McClare revealed that energetic signaling mechanisms, such as electromagnetic frequencies, are a hundred times more efficient in relaying information than hormones, growth factors, or neurotransmitters.

To give you an idea of the difference, the speed of electromagnetic signals is 186,000 miles per second while the speed of a diffusible chemical is less than 1 cm per second. As astrophysicist Milo Wolff points out: Nothing happens in nature without an energy exchange. Communication or acquisition of knowledge of any kind occurs only with an energetic transfer. There are no exceptions. The newly emerging disciplines of quantum biology and biophysics embrace the study of quantum processes that underpin chemistry, but they are still considered “fringe” sciences from the mainstream perspective.

The most important take-away here is that the way our bodies work is very complex, and it goes far beyond biochemistry. Stress, trauma, toxic thoughts, people, and other toxic influences (e.g., mainstream media) all lower our frequency, which makes us more prone to disease. Again, our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, perceptions, and attitudes are energy, and they impact our epigenetic expression and cellular biology in a very powerful way. This energy is much more powerful than chemical messengers because the receptor sites on our body’s cell surface are more sensitive to energy ( frequencies) than they are to physical chemical signals. Ultimately, it is the unified quantum field that keeps us alive. The autonomic nervous system is the interface of this quantum intelligence, which is why balancing the autonomic nervous system is a key focus of this method.

So Why Is This Information Not at the Top of the Curriculum in Every School?

The simple answer is: money. The medical industry and Big Pharma, or as I call it, the medical mafia, have trillions of dollars at stake. Rockefeller medicine has nothing to do with healing. They treat symptoms. That is all. Their business model is about creating lifelong customers. If most people applied the principles I am discussing here to healing, then the multi-trillion-dollar drug industry would simply cease to exist. Do you not think that they are painfully aware of that? I assure you that they are. Hence, they go out of their way to program people to believe that the only way people can be free of disease is with the use of pharmaceuticals.

The fact is that the prevalence of medication use and polypharmacy in younger and older adults, as well as children, has increased dramatically in the last few decades. Every other commercial on TV in most Western countries is for some kind of pharmaceutical. If you look closely, most people in power are connected to Big Pharma in some way. Plus, those who are behind Big Pharma are the same people who train doctors (e.g., Rockefeller University) and dictate the world health policy via The World Health Organization. The same individuals are always at the top. If you care to research that, it will take you less than half an hour to confirm for yourself that this is the case.

At this point, I want to make clear that I am not against conventional medicine. There are times when we need medical interventions. When I broke my elbow in four places and needed an immediate surgery, I was very thankful for emergency medicine and all that it can do for us. Emergency medicine does indeed save lives. No arguments there. What I am against is brainwashing people to believe that they need drugs when they do not. Rockefeller medicine is completely inept at addressing chronic health problems. Just consider cancer treatments. With all the technology and advances available and trillions of dollars apparently going into cancer research, look at how useless these still are. Poisoning the body into health? That is their great idea? Is that really the best they can do?

And what about autoimmunity? Most people with autoimmune conditions are told there is nothing that can be done and they have to manage their illness with medications for the rest of their lives or cut the problematic parts of their bodies out! Really? Does that make sense to you? The patient is told that autoimmunity is their “stupid” body going wrong and attacking itself. This is completely ignorant, shows zero understanding of how the human system actually works, and it simply fails people. When I got my autoimmune diagnosis and was told there was nothing that could or needed to be done apart from being on medication, my answer was simple: No, there might be nothing YOU can do. There is plenty that I can do to heal this. So I did. Using these exact principles we are discussing here and throughout this book.

And what about people with chronic pain? Do you think they should just be prescribed painkillers with no effort made to get to the bottom of why they are in chronic pain in the first place? I do not. I consider that simply insane, particularly because those drugs are addictive and cause negative alterations in the brain. Do you see what I mean about creating lifelong customers? Drugs can offer a lifeline, but there should always be an effort to get to the true root cause, and in Rockefeller medicine there never is.

So why is conventional medicine useless at dealing with chronic health issues? Apart from the obvious already mentioned, which is money, their ongoing failures are due to their outdated conventional biology approach. This approach says that if there is a problem in the system, this can be attributed to one of the links along a linear reaction chain. So we give the body the replacement part (usually in a form of a drug of course) and expect all to be well, right? WRONG. As we know, all any drug will ever do is mask symptoms and give you some nasty surprises along the way in the form of side effects, which all drugs have. THERE IS NO TRUE HEALING involved in this process. I call the conventional medicine approach: just cover things up and hope for the best. That is why it fails people.

That is also what kills people, as demonstrated by the horrific number of iatrogenic deaths, also known as “death by medicine,” every year, which goes into hundreds of thousands. You would think somebody should realize by now that this is the true pandemic. Dr. Bruce Lipton, a renowned cell biologist and one of the pioneers in the field of epigenetics, gives this analogy of having a fault light flashing on the dashboard of your car and going to the mechanic, who pretends to fix the car, but all he does is remove the bulb so that the flashing goes away. The customer thinks the car is fixed and drives off. How long before something in the car goes wrong? It is simply not a question of if but when.

Psychoneuroimmunology: How Your Mind Makes or Breaks Your Health

Decades of research have demonstrated that our mental and emotional states affect our immune and our endocrine systems, which, of course, has massive implications for healing. We can improve our immune function when we switch from stress activation, which many people experience chronically, to the relaxation response. This is why meditation, breathing practices, and other similar tools have been shown repeatedly by science to have a profound positive effect, not only on our mental but our physical health as well. Even looking at a flower creates a physiological response involving millions of nerve cells that can, in turn, create a positive or negative change in our physical body (depending how we feel about the flower)!

The science that aims to explain how our psychological health affects our immune function, and therefore our physical health and resistance to disease, is called psychoneuroimmunology. This phenomenon is a result of interactions via the sympathetic-adrenal-medullary axis (SAM axis), which involves the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA axis) and the sympathetic nervous system. Simply put, our psychological processes can either make us sick or make us thrive, depending on our response to what is going on internally and externally. Again, this is energy influencing matter.

The field of psychoneuroimmunology research emerged after Ader and Cohen (1975) showed that immune system functioning can be conditioned. Since then, many fascinating studies have shown how various emotional states and social and behavioral factors influencing the brain can contribute to health, illness, and even death. Chronic anger, fear, anxiety, aggression, and hostility, as well as prolonged depression and untreated bereavement, are damaging to our health. They have been shown to negatively affect the activity and number of lymphocytes (white blood cells) that protect us from immunological threats.

This means that chronic negative emotional activation can result in increased susceptibility to various infections, parasite infestations, as well as cancer cell proliferation. Notice that I am emphasizing the word “chronic.” It is when those emotions are experienced in a chronic way that they become problematic. There is nothing wrong with experiencing them acutely, whereby if they show up, they are felt, we move through them, and they go away. Of course, chronic negative emotional states, chronic stress, and traumatic experiences can all be healed, which is the focus of this book. However, some people choose not to deal with those issues, and that definitely makes them more susceptible to poor health outcomes.

Right now, I want you to ask yourself what you have been taught about your body and health. What are you currently believing about your potential for healing? I ask because your answers will 100 percent determine your health outcomes. So, do you think that your body is defective? Do you believe that when you have symptoms that means something in your body has gone wrong? Do you believe that you need pharmaceutical interventions in order to maintain health? OR do you believe that the symptoms are only your body’s way to communicate with you? That if you get out of the way, your body will heal because that is how it has been designed to survive?

Please understand that the body is not defective and stupid, as most people have been programed to believe. The body does not “go wrong” and it does not choose to attack itself out of nowhere, like in the case of autoimmunity! That is definitely not the case. There is nothing “wrong” with your body. Every minute of every day, your body is doing everything it can to heal and survive. It communicates what it needs with you. We need to listen. We need to give the body and mind what they need, and we need to get out of the way so the body can do the job it has been designed to do, which is to heal and thrive.

Going back to the mind affecting the body, at the end of the 19th century, an American psychologist William James said: No mental modification ever occurs, which is not accompanied or followed by a bodily change. Later on Norman Cousins, the author of Anatomy of an Illness and Head First: the Biology of Hope, summarized this statement with three words: Belief becomes biology. What they both meant was that the body’s physical reality can be altered by the more powerful reality of the mind; in other words, what is expected tends to be realized.



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