You Have More Control over Your Health Than You Realize - part 1

The following blog is an excerpt from my book: The Sovereign Health Solution

Many years ago, I learned first-hand how powerful your mind is in influencing your physiology. At that time, I was working while still studying, and my idea of managing stress was daily intensive exercise. No matter how exhausted I was feeling at the end of each day, I would gulp a caffeine drink or two and head to the gym, usually for a couple of hours of weight training followed by a high-intensity run or cycle.

This was long before I had a proper understanding of the fact that even though exercise is a healthy habit to have, it quickly starts working against you if you take it too far. I was absolutely taking it too far. At that point, I had a lot of unresolved trauma and was very easily emotionally triggered. It was not difficult for me to feel stressed to the point of feeling like I was not quite coping with life. I had very little resilience and so I was unknowingly abusing exercise as a way of trying...

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