A Very Important End of Year Message

There are huge energetic changes on the planet. You will be particularly feeling this if you are more sensitive energetically.

This could mean all sorts of symptoms; fatigue, aches and pains, difficulty sleeping or waking up, new food intolerances or reactions to foods, attention deficit or lack of focus, memory issues (especially short-term), lack of drive or enthusiasm, physical sensations (e.g. humming or vibrating inside your body), difficulty breathing, digestive issues or discomfort, skin issues (dryness, eruptions), muscle spasms or random twitching, vibrations in your extremities, headaches, fatigue, electrical zaps, tooth pain, ringing in the ears, sensitivity to light and sounds, all-over body ache, or swinging from one symptom to its opposite for no apparent reason.

Emotionally it is a struggle for many too (I have some affordable resources that are the best help you can get with this) - increased fear and anxiety, agitation, feeling easily irritated or provoked,...

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