Polyautoimmunity, Multiple Autoimmune Syndrome and Autoimmune Polyendocrine Syndrome

autoimmune disease Apr 03, 2017

It probably will not come as a surprise to you that autoimmune diseases share several clinical signs and symptoms, pathological mechanisms, and epigenetic and genetic factors. There is strong evidence supporting that, which indicates that autoimmune diseases have a common origin (called the autoimmune tautology).

What is the difference between polyautoimmunity and multiple autoimmune syndrome?

Just in case you are not sure what the difference is: polyautoimmunity is defined as the presence of more than one autoimmune disease in a single person. Whereas, multiple autoimmune syndrome (MAS) means that three or more autoimmune diseases exist simultaneously in a single individual. In MAS, people often have at least one dermatological condition, usually vitiligo or alopecia. Both polyautoimmunity and MAS are not uncommon. Three types of MAS has been described in the medical literature.

MAS type 1 includes: myasthenia gravis, thymoma, polymyositis (inflammatory myopathy) and giant cell...

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4 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Trying to Detox

It is hard to believe but there are still skeptics out there who consider detox protocols completely unnecessary. The reason they give is that apparently “our bodies can get rid of toxins naturally without any input from us”. It is true our bodies are equipped with some incredibly sophisticated detoxification mechanisms. The problem is that over the last century or so we have been introducing toxic chemicals into our lives at such a ridiculous rate that our bodies are now struggling to cope with the toxic overload.

The beautiful thing about the human body is that it is able to adapt to changes but adaptation takes time and, as I said, that change is happening too rapidly. As a result, we are getting clogged up with toxins as our bodies are working very hard trying to mitigate that. Toxic body means inflammation and that is bad news because inflammation is linked to every single chronic condition, including autoimmunity.

Toxins are omnipresent. They are in the air we...

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How Can Breathing Help Reduce an Autoimmune Response?

I understand that not everyone is able to spend an hour each day meditating (although if you did, you would transform your health and your life!) but there is no excuse not to make a 10-minute per day commitment to breathing practice.

Breathing is one of these clever biological processes our body is programmed to do automatically, even when we are not aware of it. In fact, it is one of the primary functions of the body is to supply our cells with oxygen. It has to be automated (subconscious) because we would be in a lot of trouble if we had to think about it all the time. But we can also control our breathing if we choose to, and when we do it in the right way, we can influence our emotions, and of course our immune system and therefore our physical well-being.

You can control your nervous system response by controlling your breathing

I have many fantastic mind-transforming modalities at my disposal that I use for myself and working with clients but I always teach my clients...

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